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The subjects I choose demand that I create a world where the internal (sublime, horny, fleshy, nauseous, spooky) effect of denial of crisis or change is externalized and made super-powerful: A ghost of a dead swimmer from a camp story pops out before the one camper who can see her hurriedly shoves her back into the wall without explanation; a kitchen is demolished by an apparently disembodied hand as a family tries to keep going about their daily routine. In theater, human thoughts and emotions – especially suppressed ones – can physically alter the space they’re in, which in turn drives home the bizarreness of the basic human behavior at play.

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about me

I’m a playwright and screenwriter, currently under commission with Art House Productions, with a public reading of my new play planned for fall of 2022. My work has been developed previously with Art House, Fresh Ground Pepper, Workshop Theater, and others.

In the spring of 2019, I studied Advanced Playwriting at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s National Theater Institute, and I stayed on for the summer as a literary intern and script assistant for the O’Neill’s many festivals, a position I also held at Abingdon Theatre Company.

Several of my short and one-act plays have been produced in festivals in New York, and I was a playwright member of the ensemble that produces the New Short Play Festival for several seasons. My short screenplay Fireworks for a Funeral received a reading as a competition finalist at the D.C. Shorts Film Festival (one of USA Today’s 10 Best Film Festivals).

Besides the O’Neill, I’ve also studied at Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City. I attended George Washington University in D.C., where I was an art history major and captain of the equestrian team. (I like horses.) 


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I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working together on a project, or if you’d like more information about my work.

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